A Notice About Fall 2015 Availability

If you contact me this Fall, please note that I am away on a 40 day retreat and am entirely off of e-mail, phone, Facebook, etc.  I will begin reading and responding to messages the week of Monday, November 16.

If you write to inquire about scheduling me to give a presentation, I will respond as specified above; in the meantime, you can see my upcoming schedule so far here.  

If you write to inquire about my book, it is scheduled to be released in January 2016.  More information is here.

And finally, some words for reflection: "The life of action ought to flow from the contemplative life... 'Before allowing his tongue to speak,' says St. Augustine, 'the apostle should lift up his thirsting soul to God, in order to give forth what he has drunk in, and pour forth that with which he is filled.' ...Is there anyone who does not know St. Bernard’s saying, to apostles: 'If you are wise, you will be reservoirs and not channels.'...The channels let the water flow away, and do not retain a drop. But the reservoir is first filled, and then, without emptying itself, pours out its overflow, which is ever renewed, over the fields which it waters. ...As a mother cannot suckle her child except in so far as she feeds herself, so confessor, spiritual directors, preachers, catechists, professors must first of all assimilate the substance with which they are later to feed the children of the Church. Divine truth and love are the elements of this substance. But the interior life alone can transform divine truth and charity in us, to a truly lifegiving nourishment for others." -The Soul of the Apostolate, By Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard, O.C.S.O. 

God bless you, 
Stephanie Gray!